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In addition to the halo therapy we also sell related products such as salt salt lamps, jewelry with Amber and sea salt products such as bath, peeling salt and anti-allergy bathpowder Dako Trona. These products can help you on a "natural" way to bring back the balance in your life.

Salt Lamps 

the light from the interior of the earth!!! 
How we feel and our performance according to scientific research depends heavily on the positive and negative particles (ions) in the air. One too many for positive ions, caused by e.g. displays, cigarette smoke and electrical equipment, listlessness and depression can result. This phenomenon can be gone by a high concentration of negative ions, which present at waterfalls, aan zee, after a thunderstorm but also with salt crystals. Through the use of the salt lamp constantly healthy, ionized air will be inhaled. Depending on size and the heat of the light source the salt lamp can make an important contribution to the electric charge in our living and working environment. The Crystal salt that is used for our salt lamps comes from the era of Palaeoic, dating back 250 million years ago. The salt clogs are used to produce our lamps and candlesticks, and are mined from the salt mines in Poland, 700 meters under the ground. Our salt lamps are made by hand. Clean and maintaining the salt lamp, do as follows. You can decrease the lamp with a damp cloth. If there is damp in the House (or outside) it is advisable to turn on the lamp.
Bath salts (Galos) black sea 
bathing with of course The Galos 100% sea salt softens and reinforced the skin. It regulates the acid balance (neutral pH-value) which makes for a healthy and elastic skin. 
The use of sea salt Galos is advised in dermatological problems. It relieves the tension in the muscles, pain in the joints and helps against rheumatic complaints. It improves the blood circulation and the immunity against infections. It soothes and relaxes the whole body. 
Adults: 100 grams per bath, temperature 37-38 degrees Celsius, duration 15-30 minutes. 
Children: 50 grams per bath, temperature 35-36 degrees Celsius, duration 10-15 minutes.

Salt peeling (Galos) Black Sea 
The salt peeling of the skin by removing dead Galos cleans underlying epidermal cells. It strengthens the narrow blood vessels and protects it against cracks. It regulates the acid balance (neutral pH-value) that ensures a healthy and elastic skin. It improves the blood circulation. 
It softens the skin and makes it strong and feels silky smooth. It restores skin vitality and gives the peeling a thin thin paste with water to Mix. Body rub with brush or sponge. 

Bath salts from the dead sea 
The bath salts from the dead sea is delicious smelling bath salts with aromatherapy. Especially for beauty. Makes the skin soft and elastic. 

Anti allergy badmiddel. (Dako Trona) 
Improves the respiratory process of the skin and controls the chemical and biological process. It has a calming effect on skin irritations and allergic skin. 
A bath (20 minutes) using Dako-Trona (100 grams): 
soothes skin irritation refreshed and moisturizes the skin eliminates rash improves the circulatory system relieves muscle pain and joint diseases and bid prevents skin irritation reduces unpleasant sweat smell perspiration systematic reduces 
If you do not have a single teaspoon of can TRONA in bath has a cup of boiled water do. Something let it cool and then dabbing with gauze. Good wetting and about the places that you want to treat. The mesh 20 minutes let sit and then remove it. The treated spot NOT rinse. 
Amber is fossilized tree resin and is solidified and formed as the resin of certain trees (especially conifers such as pine trees and cypresses) fossiliseert. 

Amber has powerful connections with the Earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies. The stone is a powerful healer, cleaner that invigorates  the body and tissue making it lively again. It absorbs negative energies and transforms them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.
Aroma Oils 
Our aroma oils are pure nature and available in the smells lavender, Lilacs, Lely of the Valley, violin and Vanilla/Magnolia. You do not need to add water. A few drops is enough to house your space in a delicious and soothing scent. Provides for rest and relaxation.